Leaders in Bags, Carrying Products and Films for the Supermarket and Retail Sector:

Polymeric, Degradable,

Biodegradable, EN13432 Compostable, Single Use, Multi-Use and Reusable

Corporate Profile

Experienc & Passion

For over 25 years we have been serving at the highest level the top supermarket and retail chains and groups in Greece and South-Eastern Europe. Our Clients' include the most reputable companies in their field. Our reputation as strong and competitive, innovating, confidential, loyal and co-operative suppliers, has been earned with genuine passion to be market leaders.

Innovation & Advance

Our mentality is to constantly develop the new and following generations of products, and never stop to invest in the future. Thus our Clients always enjoy the privilege of being steps ahead, as we bring on board what's next well in advance. This is part of the product, and an indispensable added value. Products, nowadays, are no longer only a physical entity, but also a series of actions around them, which include R&D, special advantages for Clients like capacity extensions at favourable costing periods, co-operative payment terms and advanced testing.

Our Roots & The Future

Our corporate entity was first established in the '80s, with humble and down to earth beginnings, and a decision to excel in the field of specialized packaging. The initial founders, Panagiotis and Anna Koumantanos, engineers, set up an organization that at the time was a small sratup, but it insisted on reinvesting all it's resources back into work and development. Hence the company presented exquisite growth in the following 2 decades, becoming a leading company in its field, with a thriving name, very happy Clients among the corporate best of the country, and hence became a market leader in numerous fields of its activity. This is driving us. Our technology and plant facility partners are the globally leading organizations in their respective fields, international leaders, with whom we work extremely hard to top the ladder of quality, service, research, product development and overall very sharp competitiveness.

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