Custom made. This is not just words.


For some clients we develop with our manufacturing technology partners, materials that are adjusted to their needs. This is not shiny empty talk. While all products of the same category used to be uniform, nowadays there are options that grow exponentially. If a client will ask us to come up with the right raw material proposal to manufacture a thin, strong, and low in per piece pricing bag, we will recommend a different raw material, than for a thicker, strong, and low in per kg pricing option that will also bear an environmental message. There are no limits to what can be done. Brainstorming, co-operative spirit, open mind and will to develop are the components that make an outstanding material custom-made solution.


To customize a raw material involves preparing scientifically a compound that will take the best of the properties of its ingredients to create a hybrid situation that will be more appropriate than traditional solutions for the use intended.


Every hybrid material is lab-tested, in-store pilot-tested, and then used on mass scale to deliver it's advantages. This process often lasts for months, but typically the final results are very favourable and worth the wait. These programs run in parallel with regular supplies, and are gradually incorporated in the system.


Through exhausting calculations with our manufacturing partners we in many cases design materials that are specific solutions in specific cases. For example, if client is prepared to pay a higher per kg price (let's assume) +5%, while increasing pieces per kg by 10%, thus leading to client's 5% benefit as bottom line, then we will design the proper material to achieve this with highest possible efficiency, by combining the properties of the material's components at the righ proportions.

Win-Win Results

The results are in these cases and with very high success rates, very effective for all sides involved, creating a win-win outcome which delivers quality, financial efficiency and overall success.