Quality Systems. Yes. Integral Part of our Products. 

We officially secure and communicate the quality of our products in several fundamental and universally recognized ways:


a.Certification. We boast the following Quality Certified Systems, indicatively:


-ISO 9001:2008

-ISO 14001:2004

-ISO 22000:2005

-Certification by Hellenic Recovery Recycling Corp.



b.Testing of products. Our products are thoroughly tested in the most reputable Laboratories globally. We co-operate with internationally leading organizations in this field, and thus offer extremely minute and valid testing documentation as part of our products.


c.Pratical testing of any new item through pilot schemes. Before any product is placed on the market, it undergoes a long and tedious process of being testedt in real-life applied conditions. Sometimes this process lasts over a year. Throughout this process in numerous cases changes are done in order to address observations and demands of the users, as well as our observations.


d.Registered (ISO) Screening of suppliers and partners. We ensure that companies linked to us are taking care of what we are taking care. We scrutinize companies and organizations linked to us also as part of our Quality Certification Systems.



noun: quality;

  • the standard of something as measured against other things of a similar kind; the degree of excellence of something. Example: "an improvement in product quality"

  • General excellence of standard or level. Example:

    "a masterpiece for connoisseurs of quality"

  • Synonyms: excellence, superiority, merit, worth, value, virtue, calibre, eminence, pre-eminence, supremacy, transcendence, distinction, refinement, incomparability, account

  • More talent, skill, skilfulness, virtuosity, expertise, brilliance, craftsmanship, flair, finish, mastery. Example: "work of such quality remains a rarity".

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"We have been co-operating with Aktena for more than 15 years. They always have something new to talk about, like new products, and they are very good in service. And they offer very competitive levels of pricing. In terms of disadvantages, I would say that they don't have serious disadvantages.Most importantly they do what they say, and in case of any problems they are not afraid to talk about it, which is great."

S.G., Supermarket Chain Purchasing Manager.

"When we started, the market was completely different than it is now. We changed, and they have been changing with us. They adapt well to the changes of the market. They push us, as clients, to make bold moves. Sometimes the supplier has to push the client too, not only the other way round. And they do it. In the end of the day, I know it is for development. We have managed with Aktena to improve gradually our products, and at the same time we have been reducing costs."


G.K., Supermarket Group Procurement Director