Produce Bags and Fruit & Vegetable Bags. Better and more efficient.


T-Shirt Shaped Bags, Bags-On-Roll (Roll-Bags TM), Blocked Bags without handle, Satchel Bags, are solely some of the basic sub-categories of a category in which we have a great tradition of leading the market for the last 2 decades. The Mediterranean Diet, changing culinary habits due to new lifestyle, health and financial circumstances of the 21st century, and population synthesis dynamics are some of the factors whereby we guide the constant development of our products. Solutions that offer a wide variety of materials' options, ranging from polymers, to biodegradable and compostable items, and from oxo-degradable to paper-based products, are typically paired with dispensing possibilities, which enhance better service at point of sale, quantity control and functionality for the buyer.    


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Roll-Bags (T-Shirt and Plain).


Bags on Roll, both with and without handles, for use in the fruit and vegetable, produce, cheese and other depatments of retail chains, are a state-of-the art solution for in store packing by the consumer. They feature high levels of efficiency and sustainability, economy and practical enhancement at sales point. Bags on Roll are in most cases accompanied with dispensing systems, which enable one-by-one pulling of the bags, thus organizing the store, improving vizual and shopping experience, and the bags remain clean and intact before use.

Produce & Veggie Bags (T-Shirt and Plain).


Produce and Veggie Bags are also featured with and without handles in plain (non-roll) forms. Dispensing systems also may accompany these bags, whether Safety Hooks, Dispensers or Dispensing Tabs (holding bundles of bags together prior to use), while also there are options to manufacture bags in external packs which act as dispensers.


Food Bags (Plain and On-Roll).


Bags manufactured either in plain form, self-dispensing packing or on roll with a convenient perforation.


We offer special saving options to our clients, assisting them to reduce total costing in this product group, by enhancing efficiency of raw material use, leading to stronger and thinner films.