Our Clients. We work for them as if nothing is taken for granted.

Supermarket Chains and Groups


A central Clients' base for our company are the most reputable Chains and Groups of Supermarket and Food Retail in Greece and in South Eastern Europe. We are proud to state that since 1989, we have numerous "firsts" on the market with our clients. Aktena has been the fist company to introduce on mass scale dispensing systems for packaging with the larget supermarket chains. We switched the market from simple and outdated sales per tonne, to securing pieces for our clients, back in the 90s. As centralization of retailers has been taking place for the last decade, we have developed clever systems of savings adjusted to the scales of our clients, financing benefits and investment, as well a series of additional features around the product which grant added value to the product itself.


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Retail Sector


The wider retail sector is a very important client base for our organization, and we operate offering an internationally renowned series of products in the packaging field, ranging from commodity solutions like checkout solutions in packaging, to very specialized products, custom designed, featuring extremely advanced printing technologies and material options.


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Food and Drink Industry



We are state of the art suppliers of the Food and Drink industry. Apart from Bags Technologies, we feature solutions in sectors like Reclosable Packaging, Specialized Films and Promotional Packaging.

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