Systems and Structure of Company: Made to Serve Clients


Our structures are carefully planned and organized. Prior to Certification according to ISO 9001:2008 the company had already been organized according to the rules of Quality Systems, through Quality Control Internal Systems, Organizational Charts, Internal Electronic Forms and Functional Procedures, to ensure accuracy, efficiency and recording of actions to make tracking and backtracing possible.

Founders & Shareholders. Fourth Decade of Expertise and Market Leadership.

The Founders and Shareholders of Aktena Packaging have a long experience in the field, dating back to the 80s, and are of Engineering backgound. The Shareholders take active part in Commercial and Sales decisions, with high respect to Directors' Positions.  

Sales & Marketing. Driving Day-to-Day and Communicating "The Next".

The job of our Sales Department is not to be the black suited classic sales person who has a fixed system of sales in a briefcase (with nothing against this). The job of our Sales Person is not to visit or communicate having in mind "Just Selling". The mentality is to address and tune with the mentality of the Client, and deliver this philosophy through products and actions. Also, to advise and challenge the Client. Saying always yes, just to be liked, is not our way. We have proved this to our Clients throughout the years, that we work on long-term basis, with the target of long co-operations, and through brainstrorming needs, ideas from both sides, and fighting to implement these successfully and create results for Clients - this is the sales strategy: constant proofs of creating real results and advising with knowledge and sincere approach on what the next step should be. We are not afraid of working ahead. We are not afraid of investing, giving, piloting, pioneering. In parallel, the role of our Sales is an active, effective day-to-day problem solving on 24-7 basis. We are there, fast and on the spot, when needed.



Manufacturing - Investment Supervision.

Our products' manufacturing takes place in several selected locations globally, and we work on long-term agreement contracts basis with leading manufacturing platforms and units of the most advanced multinational corporations worldwide, whom we respresent in our selected geographic areas. We, in parellel, own a series of mechanical equipment and lines, in the field of polymers, hundreds of moulds and hundreds of plates. Supervision of production model is based on careful management of capacity and commodities as well as raw materials pricing targeting and  brokerage, in order to systematically achieve costs lower than using conventional, non-globalized, old-school methods of manufacturing. Central production supervision, timing and financing of investment into production factors, and then unifying them and organizing them for the benefit of the final result for the client, has made us a leader in this field in South Eastern Europe.  

Management. Micro and Macro Combination with attention to Detail.

The Management of Aktena Packaging, already present steadily for almost a decade, effectively and with the flexibility of experience and know-how takes care at high competence level of the planning and execution supervision of projects and clients' needs, as well as co-ordination between various parts of the company, internal, plus supplies, and sales. The nature of the business requires very high attention to detail, in parallel with planning years ahead, which is done by the shareholders and brainstormed on daily basis by the company's general management.

Researach and Development. Products from scratch and new versions.

Design and Product Development, are part of our structure. As opposed to many competitors, we spend a lot of our energy not only on careting for current needs, but we also fund, support, develop new items through testing, simulations, modelling and pilot schemes with our clients, working 1-5 years ahead. We make sure that a part of the product's price is reinvested back into the product itself in order to finance its next generation. Product Design background and co-operations with globally leading names of the packaging industry make us a very distinct supplier in this aspect.

Accounting - Finance. Making Clients happy first.

Throughout the years we have applied the overall corporate mentality in Financial Decisions and Strategies. We reinvest the huge majority of any product's added value back into the systems of the company, in order to improve and work on the current generation of products with the aim of being always at least one step ahead of the market, and in essence to create the development of the market, not just follow it. Careful and efficient financial management and low-profile mentality are factors that are necessary to put this into practice. We are also model taxpayers, and known for our financial punctuality and trustworthiness, especially focusing and underlining this throughout the global crisis of the last years.

Transport and Logistics. Fast, Efficient, Owned.

Greece is one of the global shipping centers. Piraeus port is one of the leading ports globally. We have reached advantageous agreements and transport costs from all over the world with our partners, and with the scope of unifying volumes of numerous large retail chains into single deals. We then pass this benefit to our Clients. We operate an owned products' facility of 9000m2, a fleet of trucks and also delivery products from totally 3 locations, apart from our warehousing in Markopoulo: from Volos, in central Greece and Aspropyrgos through slots of logistics partners. We place the final product at the Client's doorstep extremely reliably, palletized at the highest standards, with no fuss, with very high punctuality and accuracy levels reaching 100%, and when this is not possible due to extrenal factors, we always prefer to warn and alarm, rather than postopone talking about a delay! And we get a lot of respect for this.