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Aktena. Internationally Leading Products for Supermarket Chains and Groups, the Retail Sector and F&D Industry

We offer globally leading, specialized products in the followng fields:

-film packaging products, bags and systems,

-in store carrying products and technologies,

Our products and technolgies are of innovative and commodity nature, on blue-chip b2b accounts' level, and cover primarliy South-Eastern Europe.
Bearing intelligent added value, unique (and including award winning and highly efficient financially products and technologies), the range featured by our companies is constantly developing, through our continuous reinvestment into bringing on the market the next generations of products and technologies, being steps ahead.
The technical know-how and detailed expertise, stringent corporate philosophy of constant investment and amelioration of offered goods, combine with mentalities of pursuing and fully insisting on excellence and quality, measurable, certified, and immeasurable, throughout the management and the teams of our organizations.
To provide outstanding and internationally leading solutions, to simplify complex problems, through our products and technologies, is the result we are creating to deliver a series of very clearly discernible competitive advantages.Facilities exceed 10k. sqm, we operate an owned truck fleet, and maintain active stocks at three locations.Highly certified and thoroughly covered with testing (for example we operate based on three ISO systems, and teens of other product specific specialized testing procedures) we also focus on fully documenting officially our strengths.
Our products and technologies reach the absolutely very top corporate clients of our coverage areas, are used on daily basis at thousands of locations, and thus are utilized by millions of final users through our clients.
Prevailing throughout the organizations is the minute attention to details and excellence.The corporate culture of uncompromising pursuing of being Market Leaders drives our practical working behaviours.

The above are only some indicative

products of the entire range.

For the entire range pls see PRODUCTS' GROUPS

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