Reusable. An integral part of the future.







The beauty of reusable bags is that every major client can order and design with us a fully customized, unique solution, drawing from our leading, virtually endless choice of options. For every reusable bag, during its lifecycle, it is calculated that several hundreds of single-use bags are saved, therefore apart from its commercial impact and advertising strength, the reusable bag is proposed to work together with the single-use bags, in order to encourage quantity control of disposable plastics. Every major chain should incariably propose at a prominent location at least 2 or 3 reusable bags options as a solution for its clients. This is a certainty that needs to be applied on urgency basis by all the supermarket and retail chains. We boast an uncompromising range of woven, non-woven, cotton, jute, juco, RPET, nylon, paper and PE semi-reusable (BFL) and other options, manufactured as plain, foldable, tote, rolled, pouch or key-ring bags, laminated and non-laminated. 

Reusable is not just a Trend. It is a change of philosophy.


Reusable Bags have been around for thousands of years in various forms. The borderline between disposable and reusable is not always completely clear. In any case, a bag that is reused and can be reused, is a reusable bag. Most carrier bags of any form can be reused. What we do, is to take the concept and the finished product further for Reusable. We offer several categories of "Reusable Philosophies" that can be applied in the stores throughout the system. Talk to us about your views, we will mix them in the pot of technical possibilities, and shall come up with the options and verdicts based on firm data.

Advanced Design.


Printing, shaping, folding, playing....Each retailer, each chain, is aiming at being unique. What best way to enhance this in public view, than by developing a very special, practical, saving and original bag for the consumer? Brainstorm with us the options, the thoughts, the visions of what you would like to see as a finished product, and we shall employ all skills and experience necessary to convert this into the finished product.

Huge Range, Technological Innovations and Options.


We boast a terrific range of choices, that will not just lead you, but shall inspire you and add to existing ideas. One first rule is that any chain should feature of series of solutions in the reusable sector. Not one bag can and should cover all needs. It is advisable to combine a classic chasis of a solution with a playful original idea. Offer the consumer two, three or more options, and there will be a bag that can build into more consumers' lives. Strong and big, for cartrunks, light and easy for ladies' handbags, clever and bright for young consumers, trendy and fancy for special style.