Isothermic and Cooler Bags. Keeping it cold or hot.






Food products and well as health related items' transport may require temperature control during the trip between two points. Refrigerated and hot food purchased at the point of sale, may be packed and preserved at an optimal temperature for a period till it reaches home or other destination. Transport of insuline, vaccinations, medicines and similar also requires specialized insulated packaging, hence highly effective bags and envelopes are developed for this purpose. We offer multi-layer and certified options that secure the results claimed.

Generic Isothermic Bags.


T-Bags: "the most innovative packing solutions to guarantee that the products' cold chain remains unbroken until they reach their destination".


"...tested and qualified solutions adapt perfectly to suit the most demanding requirements, such as those in the pharmaceutical, biomedical and chemical industries, among others."

Customized Isothermic Bags and Envelopes.

T-Bags: "Valuable know-how accumulated (...) endorses the development of our extensive portfolio of products, as well as our constant innovation in the development of packaging solutions that protect the cold chain of products sensitive to temperature changes, such as medicines, vaccines, APIs, blood products, diagnostic tests, clinical trials, biotechnology, samples, etc."

Cooler Bags.


Cooler bags are custom-developped and designed by us for the supermarket and retail chains, which market the product especially for use during the warm months of summer, as a commercial shelf product for the consumer. A perfect companion on beach-trips, day-trips, excursions, car-trips and any kind of vacation, it preserves food and drink in an efficient manner to stay fresh and pleasant to consume when needed. This product is also a hit in the hotel industry, as well as all tourism related activities.