Over 20 Years of Pioneering. Continuously Building Reputation.


The Company under its current name was founded in 1994, existing for 5 years prior to that in a simpler form, since 1989. Hence, over 25 years of experience and success of serving top clients is one of the central assets of the company. The founders, Koumantanos family, now in the second generation of management and shareholders since the early 2000s, having an engineering background then, and now, have structured the organization strictly with the values initially set as milestones: a.Excellence in fields of activity: we aim to be the Market Leaders and constantly reinvest in this mission and target, b.Innovation: we are keen and fast to develop new solutions, we design, brainstorm with clients, alter and test, in order to bring development, c.We are not afraid to give: The measure of our success is being awarded work from the best of the market. Thus, we have learned that it is good to give, before taking. We have boosted confidence levels, and this helps us to cultivate a corporate culture that is very open-minded towards clients.



In the late 80s we started co-operating with the large retailers. We were the first at that time to implement on full scale innovative products, resulting in savings, efficiency, dispensing possibilities, quantity control. All these characteristics became key-factors in the decade to follow.


In the 90s we grew, developed infrastructures, and widened vastly our clients' range, co-operating with almost all the supermarket chains of the market, building a reliable, trustrworthy and competitive name and reputation.


As supermarket chains started merging, unifying their supply and distribution channels, and thus in need of priorities like cost control, logistics and fast delivery, we adjusted our priorities to the needs of our clients, invested in flexibility, availability, and scale-savings as our clients grew in volumes. Towards the end of the decade, the global financial circumstances started changing severely, thus creating needs for even more demanding cost control.


The environment has been in the center of attention, and will remain so. We innovate in solutions leading to smaller consumptions, environmental policies like application of Biodegradable / EN13432, as well as Reusable and Semi-Reusable. Dispensing systems become more central too, due to need for quantity control, not only for financial, but also for environmental reasons.