Biodegradable and Compostable. Yes, now it is a mass scale option.





Biodegradable and Compostable materials are a chapter in packaging which has generated a lot of discussion. The fact is that Biodegradable and Compostable products are both a choice of policy and image for a retailer. While in the recent past compostable products have been linked with exuberant pricing, low strength and small capacity, nowadays all these issues are overall addressed, and EN13432 products are less expensive, in fact they can reach very competitive levels, their strength is constantly improving, and global capacity has grow significantly. While Biodegradable and Compostable solutions are not the most proper for all applications, they can be applied in the retail industry in mass scale, also in parallel with other materials. If combined with renewable crops, correct policy, and product design adjusted to the needs of a chain, Bio and Compo can be performance stars. 

Compostable. It is not the same as Biodegradable.
We have in place all the transitional products.

The terms "Compostable" and "Biodegradable" are often used as synonyms, while they are not. To be certain about the scopes of your chain's project, talk to us and we shall clarify the optimal solutions.

We already have in place all the products manufactured from conventional plastics, readily now available as same products but manufactured from Bioplastics, with Certification of Compostability and Biodegradablility.

Bags according to EN13432: Start Now.

It is much simpler than one might think to start using EN13432 bags. Their properties are now very close to those of conventional bags, and strong carrier bags are now produced and used throughout the world to replace plastics with bioplastics. Start now, we support pilot schemes, and pump energy in your projects with our expertise.

Infrastructure and the way to go.

Not only shopping, carrier and produce / veggie bags can be made according to EN13432 standards. Think how important this is for garbage bags. Placing a compostable garbage bags series on the shelves of a retail chain, takes the concept of environmental diposal even further, and it may just start from this point!