Paper-based. Can be realistic.


Paper-based packaging materials are introduced in many cases in parallel with polymeric or other bio-degradable solutions. There is a significant debate as to what is "better", advanced plastic (that can be recycled), environmentally friendly bio-pastics, or paper. The reply is not straightforward, and there is no such material as "better" or "worse" in absolute terms. Polymers nowadays are so advanced that they may offer an extremely low environmental footprint. At the same time, paper is suitable in numerous cases, when, for example, breathing is vital for a product. Also, paper is misunderstood, as being heavy and inefficient. Yes, old-time manufacturing technologies and selling mentalities, have given a bad name to paper as bulky, inefficient, weak and superficially environmentally friendly, while trees are cut to manufacture paper-based products. But advanced packaging papers and technologies nowadays allow us to be confident that in selected cases, paper should be the main proposal and solution in retail. Some products (especially used for hot applications) specialized satchel and food bags, and clever window technologies and innovations assist to make paper-based products suitable options in mass applications.

Satchel,Counter, Food,Flat Bags
Food Wrapping Applications
Shopping&Carrier Applications
Luxury Applications