Big-Bags and FIBCs. Think Big and Safe.






Big-Bags and Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers are used in the Construction Industry (Builder-Bags), Agriculture, Food and Drink Industry, Raw Materials and Recycling Sector, Mass product collection and reselling, as well as projects like sewage waste control etc. Invariable Safety Factors are applied to ensure stringent handling and transport of high weights in demending circumstances. We have been a leader in the field, supplying distinguished clients and organizations throughout the years, showing highy appreciated reliability, consistency and service support levels.  

Down to earth and advanced solutions for a multitude of industries.


Big-Bags are a fundamental tool of packing for aggregates, agricultural goods, export bulk products (like powders), raw materials, foof industry, and also specialized products like packing products in ventilated conditions, food contact and sterile applications and liquid and semi-liquid bulk transport. If it is big, we can supply the bag for it. Our company has been a top-level supplier to extremely demanding accounts throughout the course of the la

st decade.

Safety. We don't play with it.


The nature of the job that a FIBC bag is asked to perform, does not allow for compromises. Loads are lifted at heights, unpredictable movements are taking place, and human factor is always present. Our products, based on stringent Safety Factors, satisfy the quality needs of the applications they are designed for, without risks of safety.