Paper. Special Demands.






Paper based retail bags, both disposable and reusable (or semi-reusable) are part of an overall market equation.Their nature and special properties may cover specific demands of packaging in retail, in cases like selected points of sales featuring specialized bags with increased needs for special ventilation properties, or aesthetics. Paper may be a parallel in-store niche choice along with other materials: we have been designing and developing paper based solutions and applying them in the form of finished products for the last years. Our paper products featuring Enviro-Perfo properties are particularly efficient, and stand out among competitive solutions.

Satchel and Food Counter Paper Bags. Becoming Intelligent.


Counter bags are available in Brown and White Paper, with coating or grease-proof. Manufacturing can be performed with simple or complex printing designs. Bags are manufactured without window, or with window and biowindow options. Auto-adhesive strip option is similarly available, enhancing the practical aspects. Special ventilated versions are of particular interest and we offer the combination of all the above possibilities in state-of-the-art per piece precision sales methods. Paper Counter and Food Bags are becoming more intelligent. And entirely certified. Choices are stimulating the introduction of new and current era solutions, against outdated applications.

Ranging from mini sized to high volume, these bag subcategories can cover parts of almost all the steps in a grocery store chain.

Flat Bottom Paper Bags. Bigger Volume and Capacity.

All uses similarly to Satche and Food Counter Bags, enriched with the use of this category at the checkout as reusable, disposable or other type of bag, with handles (also see flat handle bags) and without handles (American Style).




Customized Paper Bags.
Standing Out Even More.


With all production and choice advantages, customization in shaping, sizing, printing and material adds an even higher sensation of unique identity and shopping experience to this sub-series of products. Playing with options leads to impressive results, and all at the highest level of efficiency in using resources, environmental and financial.