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Dispensing. The property of huge importance, that is either part of the product or supplied as an additional dispensing system. Controlling Quantity and Creating Advertising Surfaces at the same time.


The dispensing features of our products but also dispensing systems and machines, have been part of our range from the late '80s. On natiowide basis, our company was the initial company which applied dispensing systems for in-store packaging products on mass scale with large retail clients back then. We have since installed and designed thousands of dispensing units for the major supermarket and retail chains, while our products feature increasingly dispensing properties as they develop. The purpose of a dispenser is a combination of better organizing the supply of the bag to the client, hygiene, image, space-saving, quantity-control, and possibly, if required, charging control at sales point (in case the bags would be charged). Apart from dispensing system, there are self dispensing products, which assist, through their special packaging, the one-by-one pulling of the individual pieces, thus preventing chaotic dispersing of bags at sales points, and also encouraging cost control by preventing usage with no reason. We also design, supply and apply in-store dispensing systems as tailor made solutions and projects for the retail chains. 


Roll-Bags Dispensers and Dispensing Systems

We design, develop and offer a wide choice of dispensers for bags on roll. Ranging from traditional solutions, to high tech latest design developments, our dispensers come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colours, while also being able to be attached directly to walls, shelves or other, or on poles and stand alone holding systems.   

Blocked Produce and Veggie Bags Dispensers and Hanging Hooks

Veggie Bags and Produce bags dispensers, whether covered, open or hook-based, are a valuable tool to enhance the rising needs for correct functionality in retail conditions. We have been supplying leading chains and groups with our systems for the last 2 decades, making life easier and products' dispensing more ergonomic. We constantly develop new solutions in this field.

Carrier bags' dispensing options are a big chapter for us and our clients - we have been studying and offering solutions that result in economy, assist in product handling at sales point, and save extremely valuable space and time. There are custom-designed options in most cases which are suited to the demands of the customer. At the same time there are several base options, manual or mechanical. Starting from the design of the bag itself, through the study of available space at checkout space, we optimize what is a very important step in the process of retail sales.

Apart from separate dispenser options, our items come with the possibility to be readily manufactured in external soft or hard solutions which act as disposable dispensing and protection systems at the sales point.These tactics have been part of numerous chains' strategy, and can be applied in most product groups without a lot of specifications modifications, quite simply and effectively. 

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