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Carrier bags, whether given for free to the client, charged for, or supplied in any other way, are an extremely valuable tool of convenience and a practical mechanism for the correct functioning of the supermarket and retail chains of all sizes. We offer a whole range of options which includes T-Shirt Bags, Die-Cut Handle Bags, Patch-Handle Bags, Loop-Handle Bags, manufactured from a choice of materials, focusing on Environmentally Friendly Bags / NO-PLASTIC BAGS made of Compostable and Biodegradable Materials.

Carrier bags are offered and customized in various dispensing, quantity control shapes.Part of the carrier bags of any kind now are the quantity and financial control solutions that come with it.We are true experts in this field, and have invested heavily offering to our clients the possibility to benefit from a multitude of classic, ameliorated, as well as innovative solutions that control quantity and expenses.


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T-Shirt Bags.


T-Shirt bags with their easy to use shape are a universally tested and accepted format of carry-out bags at supermarket chains and retailers. However, we are developing this classic further, by improving its details and features, improving weight accuracy, printing quality, plus adding for our clients dispensing and self-dispensing options for quantity control. In many cases these come with no cost, or even at reduced cost in comparison to the old style plain t-shirt carrier bag options.

T-Shirt Bags on Roll.


Add all the features, improvements and advantages of the T-Shirt Bags, as described to your left, and pair them with something that makes the bag even more special and advanced: The Roll. One by one dispensing, practical feasibility of automatic quantity control, plus enhanced organizing and hygiene are all characteristics that the roll offers, on top of all else. Carrier bags on roll can be used without dispensing systems at the checkout counters as a placed self-dispensing roll, or in combination with a dispenser from our range or custom designed for the specific needs of our client. Similarly, products are manufactured at leading facilities in terms of technology and manufacturing options.

Loop Handle Bags.


Loop handle bags can be used as disposable bags, but the worldwide trend, and in particuar during the last years in European Union, is to supply this category of bags as a reusable product, whether given out with no charge or with a fee. Loop handle bags feature high durability, reinforcement structural and material characteristics, leading to an impressive result of a flexible carrying bag which is semi-reusable or reusable, not just a plain retail bag. Loop handle bags are an increasingly successful option offered to clients at checkout as an alternative between T-Shirt Bags and PP Reusable Bags.

Choice of all Handle Options.


For situations of altered needs, handle options of simple punch-out, square rigid, rope options, PP sewn bags and handles are supplied at the highest level of quality, printing and competitiveness. 

Patch Handle Bags.


This "improved-classic" range of carrier bags which has a reinforced patch handle for extra bag strength, gives a more substantial feel: The patch handle carrier bag has a punched out and reinforced handle and is the most common carrier bag in several areas of Europe, where it is used as reusable bag with a small charge or without any charge. This type of bag is economic, ergonomic (easy to handle) and ideal for reuse. It features unlimited possibilities for high quality printing and personalization. Therefore this bag (also known as "grip hole bag") is extremely suitable also for promotional events, apart from retail stores.

Paper Carrier Bags.


In the Supermarket retail sector Checkout-carrier paper bags are a solution that can be applied on mass scale as well. Without or with handles, the "American Style" carry out option is one way to go. We supply all related products, with the assistance of the manufacturing technologies of the best globally. Aktena has a long tradition in introducing products which are one step ahead, and we therefore cover all technical aspects well in advance. We work with our Clients to prepare new grounds and make the next steps together. In most cases we design on a round table brainstorming series of actions the next moves in close co-operation with the decision makers of our Clients. We keenly do the same in this particular sector of paper-based carry-out options.


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Horizontal Tab Between Handles and/or Central Hanging Tab.


The Horizontal Tab as seen above can be combined (or not) with a Central Hanging Tab with hole or slit. All 3 or 1/3 or 2/3 characteristics can be part of the same bag too: Horizontal Tab, Cebntral Hanging Tab and Perforated Handle (elliptical perforation or round perforation).

Perforated Handles and/or Central Hanging Tab.


The above is an example of Perfo(rated) Handles (round holes) used with open dispensing hooks. Depending on the needs of retailer, and dispensing system, Central Hanging Tab can remain or be removed from product, as well as the Horizontal Tab.  

Pull-Out Dispensing Packing.


The system, which can be applied in any bag, from produce bags, to fruit and veg bags, and checkout carrier bags, consists of special outer flexible dispensing packaging with ergonomically designed openning which allows for easily pulling bags one by one.  


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