• Can be reclosed several times

• Can be integrated into existing laminate construction

• Can be used as bottom as well as a top-fi lm

• High transparency

• Film thicknesses (standard) between 50 and 70 my

• Maximum film width 1300 mm

• Machine runability on all common packaging systems

• Options: white and transparent (anti-fog on request)

X-Peel Reclosable. Open up to Added Value.


The proper re-closability of a package is becoming increasingly a decision-making factor for consumers when purchasing a product. X-Peel Folag will help you to master this challenge.

The patented X-Peel technology has been tested, used and improved over several years and outshines any comparable products. Our standard X-Peel classic as well as X-Peel plus solutions are well-proven.

Our re-closable X-Peel film can be integrated into any laminate structure. The outer film can be designed in several options (PETP, OPA, APET, PA, OPP, PETP/met etc.).

X-Peel as a reclosable laminate fi lm allows to have multiple packaging solutions.

Folag X-Peel is suitable for re-closable packaging of: cheese, meat, sausages, fruits and a number of other convenience articles. X-Peel can be reclosed several times.